Monday, February 16, 2009

Funny Positions, take two

The other day I found Mr.Thumper in this position. The position of his front paws just cracks me up. This cat never sleeps like normal cats. Yesterday he fell asleep under a load of newly dried towels. He slept there for hours. This morning he managed to get into a plastic bag. He knows he is a clown because he pressed his face really hard against the plastic which ended up distorting his face. He got upset when I removed him from the bag. Can't wait to see what else he gets into today.

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micaela6955/Michele P. said...

my female cat Brujita sleeps on her back like a human, legs spread wide open and paws up in the air in the summertime. Hubby seems to think it is because she is hot with all that fur. I inheirited my dads kitten last month and he is about 8 mos old-when he wants to get really relaxed he will suck his back paw. He is noisy too! I have some pics I need to put up, but he just lays in bed next to me sucking on his paw till he falls asleep...too funny how animals can be!