Sunday, March 1, 2009

Nor'easter of 2009

Yup, typical scene at the local supermarket whenever there is a snow storm barreling down on us :) People loading up on essential food items.... milk, bread, eggs and then the long list of non-essential, also referred to as "comfort food". Examples of blizzard comfort food are ice cream, cookies, doughnuts, chips, soda, TV dinners and of shopping cart is complete without a few Entenmann's. Entenmann's makes the most incredible baked good items. My favorite is their Crumb Cake, Devil's Food doughnuts and Raspberry Cheese Danish.
Anticipation of a Nor'easter is comparable to the arrival of Santa Claus. There is more fun and excitement in the waiting than the actual event. For the last two days no one has talked about anything but the storm. Then there are the never-ending discussions of who has to go to work, how will they get to work, kids scared to get too excited about the possibility of a snow day from school, and sitting in front of the TV watching the most popular channel in the world, "The Weather Channel". We must name the phenomenon of checking the weather every 5 minutes. We have been doing it all day. You can hear the fear in my daughters voices as they say "Instead of 16" they are now saying 14", like that is really going to make a difference with going to work or school. Time for me to go sit in front of my TV to watch more Weather channel while I eat some homemade brownies :)

I thought you might enjoy these two links from my local paper. Lots of great pics.

Historical Long Island Snow Storms

Preparations for the Nor'easter of 2009


Studio√ČLAN said...

Good thing we don't get so excited every time it snows here (eastern Ontario) -our blood pressure would be through the roof!

micaela6955/Michele P. said...

yup, work was cancelled and everything-that is ONE thing I enjoy! Up here in Maine though, the last few storms there have been tons of power outages. My area has been fortunate though. I am drooling over the carrot cake that lady is holding!