Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Afternoon in the Backyard

1st pic is of a beautiful yellow swallowtail that is enjoying my lilac rhododendron.
2nd pic is of the pond in my backyard.
3rd pic is of the rhododendron again :)
4th pic is of a gorgeous foxglove I picked up at Walmart. Foxgloves are one of my favorite flowers. The Winters are a bit hard on them. Often times they don't come back the next season.
5th pic is another foxglove I bought last year. I was so pleased that it not only came back again but has quite a few flowery stalks. When the stalk is done flowering I trim it and lay it down in the garden in hopes it reseeds itself. My foxgloves usually bloom twice in a season.
6th pic is of the arrowhead plants in my pond. They are beginning to takeover the pond. You can also see lots of lily pads. I cannot wait until they flower. We have waterlilies in white, medium pink and a watermelon color. Hopefully I can get a pic of the frogs sunning on the pads :)
7th and 8th pic is of my water iris. The buds just appeared a few days ago. The flowers are a luscious purple. The dragonflies love this plant!


wrenwillow said...

so lush and gorgeous! Can I come live in your garden?

jeni@fotogeeni said...